For the second lovely time, my Book Club has chosen Christianna Brand, and the timing couldn’t be better. For one thing, Death of Jezebel (1948), her fifth mystery, happens to be next on my list for the glorious wallow that is the Re-Branding Project. For another, it happens to have been, for many a year, the most … Continue reading RE-BRANDING #5/BOOK REPORT #WHATEVAH: Death of Jezebel

読書クラブ DOES HONKAKU: Death on Gokumon Island

Westerners’ love for Japanese mysteries is gaining a lot of momentum, shown by the increasing release of new honkaku and shin honkaku titles. In terms of shin honkaku, I’m most excited to learn that The Mill House Murders by Yukito Ayatsuji will be coming out next spring. The publication by Locked Room International of Ayatsuji’s The Decagon House Murders is what got me started on … Continue reading 読書クラブ DOES HONKAKU: Death on Gokumon Island


(Note: while the killer is never mentioned by name, I would urge you to read or have read Mrs. McGinty’s Dead before tackling this post. You have been warned!) In her biography about Agatha Christie, Laura Thompson writes,  “It is a paradox, although perhaps not a surprise, that Agatha’s popularity should have increased as her powers declined. … Continue reading GENDER REVEAL PARTY: Mrs. McGinty’s Dead


With much fanfare and no little trepidation on the part of Agatha Christie purists, a collection of brand-new stories featuring Miss Jane Marple, the world-famous octogenarian sleuth, has arrived at many doorsteps this week. The book is called Marple. That’s it – Marple. Not Miss Marple or The New Adventures of Miss Marple . . . just Marple. Seems a bit cheeky … Continue reading MARPLE